Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monthly Retreat

November 1
- Monday,
November 2:

Every first Sunday of the month is a silent retreat day in the community! We look forward to spending this time with Jesus – “thanking Him for the lights, graces and invitations in the past month while examining our life of prayer, study, apostolate, poverty and life in community” (November retreat guide). This month, our postulant retreat was very special. It lasted two “big” days: All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days! On All Saints’ Day we visited a Carmelite monastery and on Monday we went to Our Lady of the Snows shrine in Belleville, Illinois ( Jesus was speaking everywhere – through the beautiful sky, trees and hills, Our Blessed Mother and the saints as well as in the Tabernacle – what a grace-filled time. We concluded our retreat on Monday with a holy hour of adoration as a postulant community. We now go forth to conquer the month refreshed and renewed :-) So, when was the last time you and Jesus had some good quality quiet time together? Spending a few hours at an adoration chapel close by or visiting a shrine would do. The Master is waiting for you...

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