Monday, January 18, 2010

Marian Conference

January 15:

This weekend our community shared the Word of God with the participants of the 11th Annual St. Louis Marian Conference
( When Sr. Emi and Jackie got to the hotel, they experienced God's Providence "first hand" when they got an excellent parking spot right outside the hotel entrance (Great for loading and off-loading media!) In addition, our booth was located in a very convenient spot where many conference attendees had a chance to look at the books, DVDs, and CDs we brought. Being among many conference exhibitors and participants was a remarkable experience because we got a sense of: what are people looking for? What are the "hot" issues in the Catholic faith? What media are being used to reach the people of God? Through these encounters in our apostolate the Holy Spirit enlightens us further on how to bring Jesus Way, Truth, and Life to our world. We truly do not know the impact of our mission. We will probably only meet those whose lives were changed by our heaven! It is beautiful to be God's "little" instruments as He fulfills His master plan of saving us!
P.S. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News (Rom 10:15)!

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