Monday, January 4, 2010

Vocation Talk at St. Simon

January 4:
We began our week with sharing the "two-minute" versions of our vocation stories with some young people who attended religion class at St. Simon's. Sr. Rebecca began with a talk on religious life and then Sylwia, Jackie and another priest gave brief descriptions of their vocational journey. The students were then separated into two groups. The young men met with the priest to discuss the vocation to the priesthood. The young women joined us in another session where we shared information about our Pauline life and mission. We used a clip on our sisters in concert ( and vocation video to introduce the young women to different aspects of our life and experiences of the sisters. We also shared pictures on our blog and other vocational materials. The young women asked questions about our day-to-day life, habit, and community experiences. It was so beautiful to see how God calls us from all walks of life to love and serve Him!
P.S. What's the "two-minute" version of your vocation story?

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