Saturday, January 9, 2010

St Paul Movie Night

January 8:
We had a great crowd for our "Paul the Apostle" movie this Friday. The movie was very captivating. We received excellent reflections and thoughts from our participants. For instance, we identified the importance of Tradition in the early Church and learned about the issues they faced in remaining faithful followers of Christ. The Acts of the Apostles basically came alive as we watched! We marveled at St. Paul's unquenchable thirst and determination to spread the Good News amidst all odds. Our concluding prayer, through the intercession of this great Apostle, was that we too may become faithful witnesses to the Gospel in our own "little" world (Prayer to St. Paul the Apostle):
St. Paul, you traveled the world, never quite knowing where the Spirit would lead you next. You journeyed in faith and accepted beatings, imprisonment, shipwreck, and ultimately execution because of your faith in Jesus Christ. Help me to accept the great adventure of leading a life faithful to the words of Jesus my Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life. May I ask myself, 'Where does God want me to go today?' On the journey, may I love in the way you taught the Corinthians (1 Cor 13), and be willing to endure all things for the sake of the Gospel. Pray with me, that I may heed the voice of the One who called you on the road to Damascus, and set you on the path that leads to life. Amen. ~ St. Paul, pray for us!
P.S. How are you proclaiming the Good News in your own "little" world?

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