Monday, March 7, 2011

Finding a Way to Make Trouble

I promised someone I would blog about the trouble that Sr. Mary Joan and I got in today.

Sr. Mary Joan and I said morning prayer in an alternating chorus of one. Then we went to mass and ate breakfast very quickly. It is AMAZING how fast things go with two people compared to ten. But what to do with the spare time?

Then we manned (or womaned) the bookcenter for the first half of the day until Sr. Noel arrived.

We managed to eat lunch alternating with only one person in the bookcenter at a time - gasp. But we survived.

It is surprisingly lonely without the other postulants. I say surprisingly not because I dislike them but because I like my alone time and thought I would be in heaven just having some quality time with myself, (something I don't get much of living with 10 people).

But then, it is amazing how I am already used to life with 10 people.

Exhibit A - the fact that I was missing the other postulants the moment I woke up this morning and stumbled to the bathroom all by my lonesome.

No Erin padding through the hallways with eyes closed or Cheryl bumping into walls half asleep. And no Laura getting ready at the speed of light (they say that I am the one who gets ready fast but I sleep in the room next to Laura and I say it is her). And no Jackie and Sr. Rebecca waking up at the crack of dawn and beating everyone down to chapel by at least 15 minutes. That is my guess at least, I really do not have hard data to prove this because I rarely am the very first to get to chapel and when I do I am so surprised that I spend a moment considering whether it is possible that the others were abducted by aliens, (but by the time that moment passes someone else comes through the door).

But anyway, back to what to do with my newfound spare time.

Need I say more? Actually I probably do because you most likely do not know me as well as the other sisters I live with.

I love to learn more about other religions and other faiths and I have been learning about the Trinity so I am particularly interested in religions that reject the Trinity, Mormons being one.

So anyway, today I found that has a chat function so I spent some time virtually talking to a Mormon missionary about the Trinity. It was a blast. Until he asked me how God the Father and Jesus could be in two different places at the same time and still be God. Hmmm, I was stumped. Maybe if you know how to answer to that you can comment on this post! Anyway, something new to research.

I blame the other postulants for leaving me alone.

- Theresa


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Theresa! I love it! :) It is a beautiful reflection on community life! (And good use of your spare time, by the by! :) Blessings, Emily

Sr Anne said...

That question about God and Jesus being in two different places and still being God? I had a Muslim once ask me why God "needed" a Son. How easily we project our own attributes onto God, confining our image of God within our own human limitations!
Next time you're in Boston, though, engage Sr Lorraine on the topic; she'll fill you in on St Thomas' perspective!

tagnes said...

Thanks Emily!

And Sr. Anne, sounds like a plan. I would love to pick Sr. Lorraine's brain. I have heard she is a St. Thomas fan!

Julia said...

ha! nice post! Novice Sr. Emily could tell you the stories of some of the trouble we got into as well ;) Good times in the convent!

believethegospel said...

Jesus is the Word of the Father. As your word is a part of you, it leaves you and is communicated, it is still your word. His Word is so real and perfect, that it is another person, Jesus. The Father has spoken only one Word, Jesus. Very deep meditation here! Praying for you and all the novices. From a member of the Holy Family Institute. I do the Holy Family Institute internet radio site. St. Paul, pray for us. Blessed Alberione, pray for us.

tagnes said...

Sounds like you gals had fun Julia!

Thanks believethegospel for a beautiful explanation. Something to think about during Lent!