Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go and bear fruit...

As Theresa mentioned, some of us will be off again to Denver in a few days.

As I was talking to my mom last night, she was concerned at how exhausted I [we] may have been from our Texas trip and she made it a point to remind me to take my vitamins and to rest well. (Thanks, Mom!)

I am truly excited to hear and learn from some of the talks at the Living the Catholic Faith Conference. Jackie and Laura went last year as well and I've heard really good stories from them. I remember reading their blog post and wishing that this day would arrive sooner. And here I am counting the days, amidst trying to get some reading and homework done. And what amazes me is how our daily life really allows us to integrate and apply what we're learning in our formation/theology classes with the Sisters and our Professors.

And as I echo Theresa's words which I am sure our postulant community shares with us both, "we returned happy, healthy and exhausted", I truly feel the spirit of St Paul with us, encouraging us, praying for us, cheering us on as we continue to go out "to the ends of the earth" in our own little way to live Christ and give Christ to souls.

Denver, here we come!

Blessings, in St Paul,

P.S. If you know anyone who lives in Denver or who is Denver bound that weekend, please spread the word!

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