Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bookfairs/Exhibits in Denver

Monday, February 22, 2010: Arrival in Denver

Monday evening Sr. Rebecca, Sr.Emi, Jackie and Laura arrived in Denver and received a warm welcome by the Carmelite Nuns who so graciously opened their home to us. One of our Sisters, Sr. Irene Regina, is studying out in Denver and is also staying with the Carmelites. The next couple of days were spent at 2 local schools where we held J-Club bookfairs ( Sr. Rebecca and Laura were at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic school ( for 2 days and Sr. Emi and Jackie were at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic school ( for one day. The Carmelite Nuns we stayed with all work at this school. All the kids really enjoyed looking at the books. Many kids even picked out books for their younger siblings. In between other events during the week, Sr. Emi visited 6 Catholic bookstores in the area to show them our publications and to see if they'd be interested in ordering from us and carrying our books and cd's in their stores. Then on the weekend we all divided up and did parish exhibits at 3 local parishes. Sr. Irene Regina was at the exhibit for Sts. Peter and Paul Parish ( as that is her local parish, so she saw many familiar faces. Sr. Rebecca and Jackie went to St. Catherine of Siena for their exhibit( The parish has a Spanish Mass at 1pm, so they made sure they brought our Spanish materials to share with them. Sr. Emi and Laura went to Our Lady of Fatima Parish ( Both of the priests and all the parishioners were so welcoming and happy to have us at their parishes. What a joy it was to be among all the people!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the people we met. May You shower Your blessings upon them!

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