Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun-filled Weekend!

Saturday, March 13 - Sunday, March 14, 2010:

Last weekend was full of fun! Jackie's brother and cousin were in town for the weekend. On Saturday, we spent most of our day at the city museum (www.citymuseum.org). We climbed and explored the in's and out's of the creative caves, slides, you name it! By the way, we learned the importance of leaving all your personal belongings at home or in your car - it is SO much easier to go through the slides and caves that way :-) Later Saturday afternoon, we went out for lunch and spent some brief moments at the Arch (www.gatewayarch.com) in downtown St. Louis. We crowned our evening with a movie at our very own study area - converted to have the full sound effects of a movie theatre. On Sunday, we went to an appreciation dinner and games for religious (aka "Nuns Nite Out") hosted by the Knights of Columbus in our area. We played bingo, washers, ping pong, darts and won lots of prizes. It was certainly a relaxing weekend!

Can you guess what types of goodies we brought home from the picture?

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