Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pauline Movie Night: St. Damien of Molokai

Friday March 12, 2010:

Today we watched the movie, "Molokai", the beautiful story of Fr. Damien, the leper priest. He was truly a moving depiction of love for God and neighbor. He gave his life for the suffering lepers cast out into the island of Molokai and he served Our Lord in them until death. We had about 50 people in attendance and most people said they really enjoyed the movie. Fr. Damien is truly a witness to our need to serve those who are outcast in our society. At the end of the movie and brief sharing, we prayed together the St. Damien prayer that he may "...help us to love to the very end and in the strength of the Spirit, to persevere in compassion for the poor and forgotten so that we might be good disciples of Jesus and Mary" (www.fatherdamien.com). St. Damien, pray for us!

How are you living and loving "to the end" like St. Damien?

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