Friday, March 19, 2010

The Daughters of St. Paul at Texas A&M University!

This posting is a little late, but I didn't want to leave it out. The Daughters of St. Paul Vocation Team met at Texas A&M for a week of meetings and to spend time with the students. Sr. Margaret Michael, Sr. Helena Raphael, Sr. Karen Marie, Sr. Christine Virginia, Sr. Tracey Matthia and me, Sr. Rebecca Marie had a great week...Sr. Tracey gives us a great description below of our experience there...
What a strong experience of faith and joy we had at our 2010 Vocation Encounter! For the 2nd year in a row St. Mary’s Campus Ministry leaders at Texas A&M welcomed us and provided abundantly for our Encounter – the finest families for places to stay; a van for travel, home-cooked meals, a room for our meetings, front & center space to display books for the students, and best of all, their encouraging presence and willingness to share their faith and students with us.
Fr. David, the pastor of St. Mary's at the Catholic Student Center, took the time to answer our questions about what college students are facing today and how the Catholic Student Center reaches out to the 48,000 students on campus.
Holding our Encounter at St. Mary’s surrounds us with an outstanding group of Catholic young people already involved in their faith and Campus Ministers eager to share insights and experience with us. Sr. Margaret Michael, our national vocation director, arrived a week early to be one of 15 directors for the annual 4-day Busy Students’ Retreat; she also gave a moving reflection on suffering to 60 attentive Aggie sorority members.
Sr. Tracey & Sr. Rebecca helped lead music at Mass and Sr. Helena spoke on Philosophy & Film to future philosophers. Since Catholic groups meet every evening, we were able to introduce ourselves to many of the students…
Sr. Rebecca got to meet Pope Benedict (or a very stiff look-alike) in the hallway of the Catholic Student Center. What a thrill that was! He wasn't very talkative though.
please continue to pray for all the students and staff of Texas A&M! Check out their website:

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